Fields are open

Banta Davis, Cousins Field, Cushing field, Emerson Field, Rideout Field, Ripley Field, Sanborn Field, Spalding Field, & Willard are on their summer schedules - Please share the fields with other casual users during hours when summer camps are not in session. 

Upcoming Events

Below you will find our most recent upcoming events.

Date & Time Event Location & Description
Sun, 07/17/2016 - 2:30pm Tailgate Party at CCYS Fights Cancer Night at the Breakers

Join us for a Tailgate party before the CCYS and the Breakers Fight Cancer match. Afterwards the kids can jump into Autograph Alley for their chance to snag the signatures of many current and future stars. 

Sun, 07/17/2016 - 5:00pm CCYS and the Breakers Fight Cancer Night

Please join us, along with the Boston Breakers, to continue the fight against cancer. Recently, a few CCYS families and players have been faced with the challenge of battling cancer. As a community many have stepped up to assist them navigate the murky waters of managing their new normal and the Breakers have allocated us 50 seats so we can band together to strengthen our ties. It’s going to be a wonderful evening that, as a bonus, includes a professional women’s soccer match between the Breakers and Skye Blue FC.  Tickets are offered at a discounted rate of $13. Please contact Ken Kohlberg at 781.856.6418 to purchase yours. Grab them ASAP. Our last night sold out quickly. Click here for more information.



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